33dots.com is my personal website. My name is Tony J Jose. Thinking of posting some of the things that I do. You will find here technical stuff and rarely something different in the Life page. I will be happy if this will be of some use to somebody. It will also serve as my personal log file helping me to remember how and when i did a particular thing.

Why 33dots?

I just wanted a simple short name, thats all! I tried several names but finally settled for this. Then , my brother told me to check Braille, and to my surprise, my name had 33 dots when written in braille. This was just coincidence. This is the dots that you see at the top banner image.

If you would like to see your name in braille try this Braille translator at PBS Kids.

About me

simple guy / lovebirds fish and dog /doing master’s in computer science / live in Queen of Arabian sea / interested in everything / free software / use a wheelchair / night owl / nature lover / late twenties / speak Malayalam /

You can mail me at (replace # with @ and * with .)

You could also find me at,
Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjose/
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/tonyjjose
Twitter – http://twitter.com/tonyjjose

6 thoughts on “About


    Dear Tony,

    I just stumbled upon this page and it moved me immensely.

    Actually, I was searching for a solution to a problem I am having with Inscript Malayalam Keyboard. While Windows 7 Enterprise works well with the keyboard on my office PC, I have difficulty at home with my Dell laptop. It operates on Windows 7 Home. The problem is with the ‘chil’ letters. The first ‘chil’ in a text will appear properly. The following ones don’t. If a full stop (dot) is typed write after the ‘chil’, the ‘chil’ appears properly. When the dot is removed, the ‘chil’ goes back to the letter-plus-chandrakkala form.

    I am not sure if I have found a solution to this peculiar problem at your website. Yet, I have to say you have given readers a real treasure-trove of information.

    I am sorry you have to use a wheelchair. Please think of Stephen Hawking if at all you feel depressed at any time. From the way you are helping the world out, I don’t think you are a person for the blues. Good and great work you are doing, friend.

    I am close to 64 and yet to do anything worthwhile yet. I dabble in English/Malayalam poetry and Vedanta. I have some stuff on the net. That is why I need a website.

    Best regards and cheers.


  2. tony Post author

    Hello Sir,
    Nice to hear from you.

    Malayalam rendering is still not perfect in any operating system, but far better than a few years before.
    If you type the text in your laptop and view it in your office PC, the problem persists?

    What help do you want from me?
    Email me at: tonyjjose#gmail*com
    (replace # with @ and * with .)

  3. Madathil Rajendran Nair

    Dear Tony,


    I was expecting your reply in my gmail inbox. It was only yesterday I revisited your website and found that you had promptly replied me here.

    About the question you have asked, the chllus that don’t appear properly on the home laptops appears properly on the office desktop. I typed some text with chillus this morning on the laptop, saved it in a file, brought it to office and reopened. It appeared properly although on the home laptops only the first chillu came out well.

    Incidentally, I have been doing some research on the subject and find that I have no problem with chillus if I am using Notepad or Wordpad and Inscript fonts Meera, Dhyuti, Rachana etc. Kartika, used by Windows, gives problems.

    All my failed attempts at home mentioned above and in my previous message were with MS Word 2007 on laptops using Windows 7 Home and Windows XP.

    I would like to have a website of my own. I am not much internet savvy? Do you have any suggestions? I have some stuff of my own scattered over the net. I would like to put them together somewhere under a proper address.

    Kindly take care. Best regards.

    Madathil Nair

  4. tony Post author

    Hello Sir,
    I guess the problem is with the Karthika font in Windows XP. Karthika is a Unicode 5.0 compliant font. But you need Unicode 5.1 compliant fonts to see new chillus. The other fonts you told should be unicode 5.1 compliant and so they display properly.
    You might try Uninstalling (deleting the font from control panel > fonts) the Karthika font from XP and see if things get better, though i am not sure if this will work.

    Well, for website, i think the easiest method will be to start a free blog at http://www.wordpress.com. You will get a free webaddress like http://www.yourname.wordpress.com though you can upgrade to a http://www.yourname.com with a small premium.
    My site is also a free wordpress blog, though i run it in my own server. By using a free blogging service you don’t have to worry about web hosting, backup, crash etc etc.
    Do mail me if you want more information.

    Wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  5. Martin

    Hey dude,

    Google bring me here -as well to other I’net corners- while researching about vga_switcheroo, hybrid video systems in GNU/Linux, etc.

    I did read your related article, then read your About, then read the weelchair netiquette post then watch your Flickr pictures allways surrounded of love: you must be such a nice person.

    However I’m very sad about your distro choice, if you ever want to come to the Dark Side just head up for the Arch, you will not get dissapointed ;-D


  6. tony Post author

    Hi Martin,

    Glad to meet you.
    Haha, i chose Fedora mainly because am very lazy! Or may be i lack the skill to build up an Archlinux setup. Thanks for the suggestion, will try it out soon and may be also Slackware.

    Have a great time!


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