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Yahoo! India Small Business web hosting review is my first website and i do not have much knowledge about web hosting providers. Anyway, i list here some of my observations on Yahoo! Small Business where this site is hosted

Technical specifications
Free domain name.
PHP 4.3 / PERL 5.8 / MySQL 4.1
1000 POP / SMTP emails.
1000 FTP accounts (for website management)
1000 sub-domains
Hourly/Daily/Weekly automated backups
Rs 1999/ year.

Some of the interesting features of the service are,
Unlimited space
You are given a 5GB space initially and this can be increased free of cost upon request. So you will never run out of space.

Unlimited data transfer
That’s good considering the reasonable price.

1000 email id’s
The SMTP emails given are in the same yahoo mail interface, which is one of the best webmails in the world.

Yahoo! brand name and expertise
We can expect that the site is hosted in the yahoo servers and so it should be secure, reliable and has a high uptime.
Yes! Its also a matter of pride to feel that our site is hosted in Yahoo!

However here comes the problems,

No .htaccess support.
Yahoo do not allow .htaccess files. We cannot upload/create any file beginning with a .(dot) .This is a real problem as most of the CMS and BB systems requires them.
In my case i was not able to use wordpress pretty permalinks because of this. :(

Only one database user.
This appears to be a crazy. We are only allowed one database user. If we try to create a user via their administration panel or through phpMyAdmin, it says no permission.
Strangely, i found out that it is possible to insert/edit the user table in the database.

Poor control panel
The web administration software offered by yahoo is not upto the mark. It looks outdated. Most of the functions are not intuitive and appear confusing. Also many steps are required to do for even simple tasks. It comes no where near to cPanel, plesk etc.
There is no facility to install any of the common PHP applications. (CMS’s, blogs, forums, etc etc)
The only software that can be installed from the web administration panel is phpMyAdmin 2.6
For every other thing you need to upload via FTP.

No shell support. No cron. No access to php.ini.

The web statistics page is not good. They provide an additional access log and you have to use your own statistics program to import and view them.

I am not so impressed with their customer support. For my email to them on why i cant upload .htaccess files, i got a reply 2 days later, they asked me courteously to
“dial 99001xxxxx and press option” 1″ for YSB and “1” again for existing
customer between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Mon to Sat)”

As the word ‘small’ in their name, Yahoo! Small Business is perfect for small websites with a set of static HTML pages.
But for some serious business, may be even for blogging, you have to think twice…

Exporting Gmail contacts to Thunderbird

I setup Mozilla Thunderbird for all my Gmail accounts. Now I wanted all my Gmail contacts in Thunderbird, did some googling on the subject and task accomplished in a few minutes.
This is how it is done, [Check the images for better understanding. I’ve highlighted with red dots the places you have to look for].

Export the Gmail contacts.

Gmail contacts page

  • Log in to your Gmail account and click Contacts on the left side above the Labels.
  • Your could see your contacts arranged into different groups like ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Co-workers’, ‘All Contacts’ etc.
  • Click Export located at the right top corner of the page.
  • In the next page, Select the Contact Group you wish to export from the drop down list. You can also choose ‘All contacts’.
  • Select ‘Outlook’s CSV’ as the format to export and click the Export button.
  • Download the file (.csv) to the desktop.

Import the downloaded CSV file into Thunderbird.

  • Open Thunderbird. And click on Tools > Import..
  • Select Address Books and click Next.
  • Select Text File (LDIF, csv, txt) and Click Next
  • Browse to the .csv file you just downloaded and click Open. [You may need to change the File type to Comma Separated to see the file in the dialogue box]

In the next step you will need to match the fields of your Thunderbird Address book, to the corresponding fields in your .csv file. For example, the field First Name in the Address book should point to the same field First Name in the .csv file.

To do this, select the first field which you would like to keep and use the Move UP and Move Down button to position it to the correct place. Do the other fields similarly.

I matched the only 4 fields like this, First Name->First Name, Last Name -> Last name, Display Name -> Name, and Primary Email -> Email Address. Check the picture to get a better idea.
Import dialogue in thunderbird
Once fields are matched, Click Ok and all of the contacts will be imported. You will be taken to the addressbook where you can see the results.