Things to take care when starting a new personal blog/website

I just setup my first blog/website. These are a some of the steps that I took in the process of creating this blog. This is not an exhaustive list, but only the areas that I touched.

1. Find a good domain name. If your main audience is from search engines, and if you do not have any country specific audience, the .com .org or .net will give you better search engine position. However, if your audience is mainly from your country then choose the extension of that country. [For example: sites have prominence over others in]
The URL can have numbers, alphabets and ‘-‘[hyphen]. Make it short, meaningful [not like mine ;) ] and simple.

2. Find a good host. Look for decent bandwidth, diskspace, number of databases allowed, POP/SMTP email accounts, FTP support, control panel like cPanel etc. Do not go behind offers like unlimited diskspace/bandwidth etc. I just made that mistake and is paying for that. If you choose a Linux based host[like mine], make sure they support .htaccess files, and Apache mod_rewrite. These are required to create ‘pretty links‘. If your host provides a demo account, try it out for sure.

3. Choose a good Content Management software. I use WordPress for my blog and I highly recommend it. WordPress is the best if you are thinking of a blog.

4. Use an FTP client to upload/download all your data to/from the webserver. I Use Fillezilla.

5. Carefully choose a good set of passwords. It should be atleast 8 characters long and a mix of letters, alphabets and symbols. Use different passwords for ftp, email, database etc. Note it down in paper.

6. Have a basic understanding of search engine optimization(SEO) before adding posts. These are simple things like providing a good title for all the pages, adding meta description and meta keyword tags for all the pages, providing title attribute for your links and adding alt tag for your images.

7. Get some idea about traffic statistics tools. Your webserver may be providing one, but that may not be good. I use the stats analyzer of WordPress. Some others include Google analytics, Awstats, etc.

8. Turn Off directory listing if your webserver supports it. If not, add a blank index.html page to all the directories which are listed.

9. Think of a back up at least once in a week.

One thought on “Things to take care when starting a new personal blog/website

  1. Manish

    As I Am handling mine personal blog – I love to read this post. must say it’s going to be useful for me.♥
    thanks, buddy for sharing..

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