Adding an initialization file for XBoard in Linux

You can set the different startup options as X resources (typically in your .Xdefaults file) or in a file named XBoard in your home directory.
A typical option sometimes has two names; a short name and a long name. Short names cannot be specified in the initialization file, they are used by typing them on the shell command line you use to start xboard.

The format of the file contains, one option per line like,
XBoard*longOptionName attributeIfAny

For Boolean options it is,
XBoard*longOptionName: True

My XBoard file,

[tony@localhost ~]$ cat XBoard
XBoard*searchDepth 5
XBoard*searchTime 0:5
XBoard*showThinking: True
XBoard*showCoords: True
XBoard*internetChessServerInputBox: True
XBoard*ponderNextMove: False 

The full list of available options can be found in man Xboard

If you play over ICS (Internet chess server) frequently, you could create a .icsrc file in your home directory so that XBoard feeds the file’s contents to the ICS as commands upon connecting.
Usually the first two lines of the file should be your ICS username and password. This will automatically log you in to ICS upon connecting.

Here is mine,

[tony@localhost ~]$ cat .icsrc

The third command games just prints a list of the ongoing games.

Btw it may be also very useful to create an application launcher (shortcut icon).
In GNOME, Rightclick on Desktop > Create Launcher
Type : Application in Terminal
Name: XBoard ICS
Command: xboard -ics -icshost

Ok done. 1.E4 E5! ;)

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