To test the speed of your DNS server

Modern webpages reference resources from many domains. So time for DNS lookups can cause significant delay in browsing.

These days i was having slow internet speeds, and i suspect its due to bad performance by my ISP’s DNS server.

The speed of DNS lookup can be determined by the dig command combined with a time command,

[root@localhost ~]# time dig @
......    148     IN      A
real    0m0.607s

replace with your DNS server’s IP address.

you could also use nslookup instead of dig

[root@localhost ~]# time nslookup
real    0m0.366s

Here i am checking the resolution time taken from GoogleDNS

You could compare the performance of your DNS server with some of the free open DNS servers like, GoogleDNS(, OpenDNS(

Make sure you test with less commonly used domains as the common ones will be already cached in the DNS server’s cache.

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