13AD was one of India’s top most rock bands from the 80’s to the mid 90’s. This band was playing in a hotel called “Sea Lord” in Kochi, Kerala, India.

They released two albums, “Ground Zero” and “Tough on the Streets” in the 90’s, before breaking up in 1995.

Album cover of GROUND ZERO

The Band
(1) Vocals – Glen La’Rive (Till 1993)
(2) Vocals – George Peter
(3) Lead & rhythm guitars – Eloy Isaacs
(4) Bass guitar – Paul K.J
(5) Keyboards – Jackson Aruja
(6) Drums – Pinson Correa

Audio release by Magna Sound

Check here for more info about the band and songs.

Credits to my uncle Taj who got these songs from an old Cassette.
This is copied from an old cassette so the quality may not be that great.
(Any suggestions to improve the quality is welcome)

(All songs in .mp3 format. Right click and ‘Save Target As‘)

Bad Taste
Ground Zero
Desolate Prisoner
Your Company
Down Deep

Won’t give up
Fortune’s Domain
Can’t make up my mind
City Blues
Rocking in Faith

All songs in a .zip file (46.2MB)

19 thoughts on “GROUND ZERO by 13AD

  1. akum

    thanks uncle Taj for the old cassette/// I was looking for this song/album since long// great music by 13 AD//

  2. Rajesh Unnikrishnan

    Thank you, wow takes me down the memory lane! Reminds me of Sealord Hotel and cold beers. (Even thou I couldnt afford a beer in Sealord, those days, I used to save money to afford one , once every month, so I could listen to 13AD).
    Memories of:…
    Fresh breeze from Marine Drive
    Elloy Issacs on Kinetic Honda
    Concert in Rajendra Maidan
    Wow what a time….
    Thank you and regards from some where in Europe

  3. Ivan Paul

    Hey dude,

    Thanks for the album … its really nice to see indian rock … roll all over .. with such increadible music… thanks this is a band iv long been longing to listen too…


  4. Jonathan

    hey thanks alot man is ther any chance can u try to get the second album as well tough on the streets thanks Jonathan

  5. neeraj nair

    i dont know how to thank you.. was searching for this for an year now… :)
    i bet i am the happiest person in kerla today :p
    sad that they where too ahead of there time.. love you guys..

    neeraj nair
    (govt engineering college thrissur )

  6. Mr. Shemphang, Shillong.

    Heard 13 ad on 1988, high skul. Im relly exited that i can listen again to 13 ad lately. Thankz a million to indianbandshub without u my cassette is just an old frame. 13 ad is globally among the top 10 in my personnal rock metal collection list. I’ve alwis respect all geniun Indian rock and metal bands for their dedication, originality, talent and struggle in market which naturally led to their short live in the arena, though their may be a change recently. To me 13 ad is like a rock band that comes from fairyland. Their nos like Grnd 0 Desolate prisoner Your company Bad taste City blue etc are really magical. My physical and mental stress is instantly relieved on hearing these songs. Long live 13 ad.

  7. anif

    Enormous gratitude to uncl taj..u really rocked. I Hav been thinking abt finding 13 AD songs since so long . I m havin orgasmic nostalgia. Thanks once again. Thanks 13 AD. Glen,eloy issacs,pinson, jackson aruja, are the best!!

  8. john

    i searched for this song your company for so long man – i cant tell you how i feel – i saw 13ad live with my friends – now im 40 – long lost – god im in love with this album the song your company and all the songs from their first album – let me know about the group where are they now

  9. Lakshmi Menon

    Thank you so much for putting up this content. 13 AD is pure nostalgia – a happy childhood, listening to different genres of music, taking in the sounds and vibes, memories of a much more laid back Kochi – no, Cochin, the summer sun, the breeze from the sea and marine drive in the evenings. Back then I was a school girl and used to listen to the cassette. A quarter century later. I was introducing these to my son who is a young guitarist through you tube. He was so impressed he wanted the audio and thats how I came here. That they can impress a 10 year old in 2017 says a lot about the music 13 AD made. These guys are legends.

  10. Jose

    Thanks SAHNE LOBO for letting me know them, Could you please upload the songs form though on the roads, Glen please come backkkkk

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