My new laptop: SONY VAIO VPCCB15FG

Model Name: Sony VAIO VPC CB15FG


2nd Gen Intel Core i5 2410 @ 2.30ghz
Intel HM 65 Express chipset
4GB RAM, 500GB 7200 Toshiba HD
Hybrid graphics AMD Radeon 6630M 1GB DDR3 VRAM / Intel HD 3000
Matshita DVD RW, 15.5” 1920×1080 Full HD WLED screen
ATHEROS WLAN and Ethernet
Realtek Audio, Exmor 1.3MP webcam
HDMI and VGA output. 1 USB 3.0

Backlit keyboard.
Automatic screen brightness control

Windows 7 Premium OS pre-installed. No DVD given.

Free Targus bag(not backpack) worth 1.3k

Price: 53600/-

My few bits
Full HD Screen is fantastic if you want a lot of screen space. However the font size will be a bit too small. I like large fonts and less strain on eye, so increased DPI settings to 125%.
The island keyboard includes a numpad and is the best i’ve used. Very very nice!!
Touchpad is sometimes less responsive. Not the best in the class.
Sound is alright. Not too good or bad.
Includes a wireless ON/OFF switch.
Heat dissipation seems good. There are many air vents at the bottom. Normal operating temp is 45-48C (Room Temp ~25C). After two hours of gaming(FIFA) it came to 71C max.
I found the automatic brightness control irritating and disabled it very soon.
Hybrid graphics is really cool! Greatly helps to maximise battery life (a diff of 1.5hrs) and minimize heat when you dont need 3D acceleration.
HDMI output is fine so that you can connect to your large HD TV for gaming and movies.
Build Quality seems fine. But its an all plastic body, no metal even at this price.

Booting for the first time
Upon booting for the first time there were some bloatwares installed. Removed them all and created rescue DVD’s. These are required in case for reinstalling windows, as no Windows 7 DVD is given.

There was only one drive (C:) with all the available diskspace.

DiskManagement showed 3 partitions. One recovery and system protection partition (may be for system restore) which are hidden and the visible C Drive.

Tried to shrink this drive using the DiskManagement. But it was only possible to shrink it to 200 something GB. Tried shrinking after de-fragmenting, but still the same result.

Finally used GParted from an Ubuntu Live CD. GParted allows non-destructive shrinking of partitions including NTFS. Reduced the drive to 50GB. GParted has a nice easy to use GUI and is available for download as a Live CD. This is a howto on how to resize a partition.
When you boot back to Windows after modifying partitions with GParted, windows’ checkdisk check the disks for inconsistency. Allow it to complete and you are fine.

Created some more partition using the Windows 7 DiskManagement.

I have’nt done anything intensive yet. However it seems i5 is good enough for almost anything. I have had 20-25 tabs opened in FF without any problem. The Windows 7 Experience Index gives a 6.9 for the processor and 6.4 for the gaming graphics, in a scale of 1.0 to 7.9.

AMD HD 6630M seems good for casual gaming. The left side of the touchpad gets bit hot after sometime.
The maximum system temperature i got after 2hrs of FIFA was 71C. Seems fine.

Tried my favourite game FIFA 11 @ 1920×1080, connected to an external monitor via VGA. With all the settings set to max i got a frame rate of ~42FPS during gameplay. The frame rate drops considerably during replays (20-35).
Barcelona Vs Real Madrid @ 1080. FPS and screenshot using Fraps.

FIFA 11 gameplay @ 1080 in Radeon 6630MFIFA 11 Replay @ 1080 Radeon 6630M

FIFA 11 @ 1366×768 with all the settings set to max gives you 60FPS. Note that this is the maximum FPS for an LCD panel, the card must be capable for more. There will be slight blur at this resolution (noticeable if you compare with a 1080 pic) but excellent framerate.
Barcelona Vs Real Madrid @ 768. FPS and screenshot using Fraps.

FIFA 11 gameplay @ 766 Radeon 6630M

Battery life seems to be decent. Without the Radeon On, its shows about 4hrs+ during idle. And when the Radeon is on it there will be a 1.5hrs difference.

7 thoughts on “My new laptop: SONY VAIO VPCCB15FG

  1. rasto

    I have just recently purchased the same VAIO notebook as you, except I don’t have Atheros modem and just 5400rpm hdd to save battery. I really lack some extra hw buttons – mainly for music and the side with vent isn’t the most solid out there, but at least i doesn’t get hot even when playing games in bed. Also the touchpad used to piss me, but with new version it’s almost perfect.
    Thanks for the review, it’s always good to know others’ opinions

  2. haojalal khongsai

    i’ve just brought the same, exact one myself recently and forgot ma password so formatted ma system n unfortunately i forgot to make my recovery disc….so pliz if u would be kind enough to upload or tell me where to find one… i’ll be most grateful to u… thnks.

  3. tony Post author

    hi haojalkal,
    Uploading the recovery disks is not practical, as its 3 DVD’s in my case. Also i dont think it will be available to download anywhere.

    You could freshly install a windows 7 and then dload the drivers from the sony website for your model. That way you also have a plus, you dont have to have the bloatwares that come default with your VAIO. A pirated disc will also be enough as you have a valid serial no:.

  4. Yash Jain

    vpccb15fg model
    my windows failed to boot
    it said boot manager not found
    so i installed another windows version which is not 100% geniune
    its undetectable duplicate
    i dont know how to explain
    but the problem is that it lags alot
    i want recovery disc if its possible for you can you provide me one
    upload it online i will download it.
    i have 3 recovery disc out of which disc 3 is damaged and cant use that disc any more :(
    please help me.

  5. tony Post author

    Hi yash,
    Sorry to hear about your problem.
    I dont know where my recovery discs are, even if i find them it wont be easy to upload that DVD. It must be 4GB approx. None of the file sharing sites support more than 1-2GB and my upload speed is feeble along with a download/upload limit. Sorry its not practical.

    Since you have a valid serial number (at the bottom of the lappy), you should be able to install any Windows 8 Home Premium and substitute this serial number and yours will be a legal system.

    Your problem(the lag) seems to be some other issue. Try installing from another source, say a different installer disc or ISO.

  6. tony Post author

    and btw reinstalling from fresh source is much better as you dont get those bloatwares coming along with the VAIO by default.
    Also ensure that, you download and install the drives from SONY

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