Using a US PS3 in India

My brother bought a PS3 from US and these were some of the issues that came up when we were trying to get it working in India.
Its a PS3 Slim 160 GB with a firmware 3.51 and was bought on Dec 2010.


Power Supply

Although it is written 120V AC on the PS3, the power supply is universal and it works perfectly on 230V. You just need the correct plug adapter. No need for any converters, step down transformers etc they may do more harm if they dont have the necessary output power  (PS3 requires 380W).
The model no: of my PS3 is CECH 2501A 120 V 2 A 60Hz and it works perfectly on 230V 50hz here in India without anything.
The Wikipedia article on PS3 also says that the power supply is universal.

Note: There is one comment that some one damaged his PS3 by plugging in to a 230v though we dont know the exact details.


BD/DVD playback and Region Codes

US PS3 is Blueray Disc (BD) region coded 1, and will not play movie BDs of other regions, except region free versions. India is region 3 and Europe is 2.
However, many of the movie BDs currently released in India are region free (ie playable in all regions). This may soon change once BD becomes popular in India.

US PS3 is DVD region coded 1 and will not play other region coded DVDs, except region free versions. India is region 5 and Europe is 2.
Most movie DVDs released in India are region coded, and so not playable.
Even if you get a region free Indian DVD it may still not be playable.
Indian movie DVD’s and CD’s use PAL system. So PS3 wont be able to play an Indian movie DVD or CD even though it is region free. It just shows and error message ‘PAL format not supported’


NTSC Vs PAL Issue for standard TV sets

By standard TV sets i mean the SD (4:3) resolution CRT TVs and not the new crop of LCD/LED TVs which are HD ( marketed as 16:9, wide screen, 720p, HD Ready, 1080p/i, FullHD etc)
US PS3 supports only NTSC(480i) output and not PAL(576i) output in SD resolution. That is, it works only on TV’s with NTSC system.
Indian television uses PAL system. However, most of the new TVs (year 2000+)seems to support NTSC too and so it wont be a problem for those.
[Note: The above issue does not apply to you if you have a HD TV and connect to it using HDMI or Component cables in HD resoluton]


NTSC vs PAL Issue for High Definition TVs (LCD, LED etc)

Though NTSC(480i) and PAL(576i) doesnt come to picture when using HD(1080i/p or 720p) resolutions through an HDMI or component cable, there comes another issue which is the output frame rate.

US PS3 outputs video at the NTSC broadcast standard frame rate, which is 60Hz.
The Indian television system (both HD and SD)uses PAL and it is 50Hz and is not capable of displaying the 60Hz signal.
Fortunately, there are several models from different brands which supports both 50Hz and 60Hz. So ensure that your HDTV supports both. Check in the specifications of your HDTV for words similar to 1080i@50, 1080p@60, 720@50, 720@60 etc
The HDTV must support atleast 720p@60Hz for a US PS3.

For those who already have an HDTV that does’nt support the 60Hz signal, you will have to use an HDMI signal converter to change the signal frame rate. This device will change the output refresh rate to 50Hz and viceversa.

Similarly, an Indian PS3 outputs at 50Hz and so it may not work with an HDTV imported from US (only a very few HDTVs in US support 50Hz).

As far as i know, computer monitor supports a wide range is refresh rates and so it works fine whether its 50Hz or 60Hz at 1080p or 720p resolutions.


PS3 games

All PS3 games are region free. So you can use a game purchased from anywhere.
However, you will have to play them in an HDTV at an HD resolution using an HDMI or compnent cable. This is because at SD resolutions the NTSC vs PAL issue comes up.

PS2 games from India seem to be not playable in US PS3 as they are not HD.


Online games with a US PS3

The US PS3 connects to the US PSN. Since you are connecting from India you most probably will have problems but usually it can be sorted out. You will have to contact game publisher and they will direct you.

For example, When i tried to play Fifa 11 (which i bought from US itself) online, initially it was showing some errors. The EA customer service told me to make a new online ID with a US address and also gave me a new key. It was fine after that.
Now, i bought a Fifa 13 from India, and i couldnt play online at first. EA suggested some workarounds(install a patch) and it is fine now.


How to connect PS3 to your TV/monitor?

The PS3 has an HDMI, Component and Composite (commonly called RCA or AV) output. Note that only composite cable is supplied along with PS3.

The HDMI is the easiest and the best method. Just plug in the HDMI cable to your monitor/TV and the settings will be automatically setup. This is the best method because it gives you the full HD (1080p) video output along with 7.1 Ch audio [ofcourse you must have the necessary audio setup].
You could also use an HDMI->DVI cable if your monitor has a DVI input but no HDMI. [Note that for this setup to work your monitor should support HDCP (via DVI). Check your monitor manual].

The composite(RCA or AV) output works only on TV with NTSC system and supports only SD resolution. The BD playback and PS3 games does not look good in the standard TV. You must consider a 32+ inch HD TV or atleast a 22 inch Full HD monitor.

The component video cable for PS3 has to be purchased separately and used if your TV supports it. It supports full HD.

Note: Turning off and turning on the system again by pressing the power button for 5+ seconds until you hear 1 beep resets the video output to default settings [which is  composite output for standard TV].


How to get Audio output?

PS3 supports 7.1 Ch audio via HDMI, 5.1 Ch via Digital out (optical out) and 2 Ch via RCA cable.
By default, the audio will be output through HDMI if you are using HDMI for video, and RCA if you are using a composite or Component video output.

PS3 supports simultaneous audio output from all these outputs. Go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Multi-Output and set this On. This is very useful if you want video output though HDMI and audio through RCA.
For example, I am using an HDMI-DVI cable to connect video output to my monitor as it has no HDMI port. In this case you will have to get audio from the RCA or Digital out.


Watching videos in PS3

By default, PS3 may not list all the audio/video files in your harddisk or USB drive. It would say “No Titles Available”. In that case just use ‘Triangle’ button, choose ‘Display all’ and then you can browse and play the other videos/audio
PS3 can play  DivX, WMV, AVI, MP4, H.264, MPEG – 1/2/4, MP3, WMA, MKV, Wav etc.


Using PS2 controller in PS3

The PS2 controller can be used in a PS3 by using a controller adapter. The adapter plugs in to the USB slot. It costs about 300-400Rs in Ebay India. It may not work with all types of games, especially the games that use the PS button and accelerometer. But for games like Fifa it works perfectly.
After connecting to the USB slot, press the start button in your PS2 controller to enable it(the light glows).




These are some of the repeatedly asked questions in comments. I wont be replying to these anymore.

Will i blow my US PS3 if i connect it to Indian 230V power supply?
Wikipedia, and several internet forums say there will be no problem, as the internal power supply is universal. Many users including me have been using without any problem.
Sony Inc doesn’t say Yes or No.
There is no guarantee that all models, especially the future models will be having universal power supply. Its upto you to decide.

Can you suggest a good step down transformer?

Sorry, no idea. I dont use it. Make sure the one you buy has 300W rating.

Will Indian DVD/CD’s play in US PS3?

Will PS3 games purchased from India work in my US PS3?
Yes, if you are using HDTV. Some games may not work in old TVs. Check the section PS3 games for details

What about online gaming?
Mostly yes. You may come into problems as you are logging from a different country. But you can contact support(game publisher) and they will mostly sort it out.

Is PSN region free?
No. US PS3 does’nt play games downloaded from other PSN. Also some games are only available in certain regions’ PSN.

What about controllers and move? can we buy them from another country?


Can i play pirated games in my PS3?
You can, but you need to do a hardware modification. And once you do that you cant update your system, and so may not be able to play newly purchased genuine games.

Can i exchange PS3 games with my friend?

The power button is flashing Yellow or Red and PS3 doesn’t power on?
Sorry most likey you have a hardware failure. Flasing yellow is ‘generic hardware fault’ and flashing Red indicates an overheating.


HDMI to DVI cable which we use to plug in the PS3 to our Samsung B2230.

The RCA female to Stereo 3.5mm female audio jack which we use to output audio from the PS3’s RCA cable to our Creative speakers. The jack is available at electronics shops.
RCA Female to Stereo Female

The PS2 controller adapter
PS2 toPS3/PC controller adapter

Some Links
PS3 user manual online –
Ifixit PS3 teardown – You can see internals of your PS3 in detail

174 thoughts on “Using a US PS3 in India

  1. RCM

    Thanks for your article. It is very informative. I recently bought my PS3 160GB from US. Just wanted to re-confirm before I plug-in my PS3 for 240v, as the system clearly says 120v~2amps.

    Please let me know if anyone connected without any converter plug?

    Appreciate any comments on this regard…

  2. tony Post author

    Yes, I myself have connected it without any voltage converter! And it works perfectly. (Its a PS3 slim 160GB bought on Dec 2010 from US)


  3. Sid

    Great article..

    having the problem myself.. i bought a new Sony Bravia LED TV, and connected my PS3 using the component cables.. it shows only green and blue color components apparently..
    do u think its a problem in the TV? or is it some issue with the Color systems would using a HDMI cable solve it?

    or there could be the same issues also when using the HDMI cable?


  4. tony Post author

    Hi Sid
    Definitely try the HDMI cables. They are available pretty cheap and is the best option for PS3. You will have less cable clutter, 7.1audio out, FullHD video (1080p).

    Coming to your Issue with component cables.
    Is that a cable issue or loose connection?
    I assume that your PS3 using component cable worked perfectly with your older Indian TV. This rules out any cable defect and/or any PAL/NTSC TV issue.

    I suspect(though i am not sure) that the content with HDCP protection cannot be played thru component cable in full (1080P) resolution. Most ps3 games and BD have HDCP protection. Try playing any DVD in the PS3 and see.

    You could also try sony customer service lines and see if they can be of some help.

    Do post here how you sorted out your issue.


  5. Maddy

    So if I purchase PS3 console from India, it should be able to play DVDs, blu ray titles from India without any problem right ?

  6. Niket

    Hey Everyone,

    I have an old PS3 40 GB purchased from US. I have bought a new Samsung LED in India, when i try to connect using HDMI the TV doesnt seem to like the signal.

    I have tried 3 different HDMI cables, used the process of pressing the power button down resetting the PS3, PS3 detects that there is HDMI input however when i select it, i get a blank screen.

    I have read on a lot of forums that NTSC 60Hz display will not work on PAL system 50 Hz be it HDMI.

    I have checked out a couple of converters for this$@!00$@!11MOVN8$@!&src=search

    Is this the only way going forward or there is something else I can do.


  7. tony Post author

    I have connected the US PS3 to a 23” Samsung LCD monitor and also to a 32” Samsung LCD TV, both via HDMI without any problem. Both TV and monitor bought from India.
    Is there some problem with your TV? I think you have to rule out that before proceeding to buy costly converters.

    You could try component cables if your TV has support. But i guess even that may not work bcoz of NTSC/PAL issue.

  8. Navin

    Hey Tony!
    Very reassuring article.. But I would like to confirm..the power connection is my only concern. My PS3 is CECH-2501B 120V~2A 60Hz….Will it be fine?can I go ahead and connect it w/o blowing up my system? Its a Nov 2010 manufactures, 320 GB, bought in January 2011.
    So, no voltage trasnformer needed to use in India?And what did you mean by correct plug adapter?


  9. Arun

    Hi Tony,

    This is probably the only “Clear” blog/article over the internet that actually talks of US PS3 being used in India. I mean, typical desi Indians who have confusion whether they thier PS3 would work in india or Not.

    Here`s my Question,

    I know i shldn`t be discussing this in a public forum, but as u know, lot of indians use torrents to download movies illegally.. So, Will the home made DVD ( Made using Nero) containing the “illegal movie”work on PS3 ? Same question applies to MP3 cd`s, BD`s (may be in future).

    Second question stems out of the first question. Illegal PS3 games !! are they available on the net as well as illegal dealers. Do people use them without any problems ? Will it work on PS3.

    Third Question, Can I borrow my friend`s PS3 Game CD, Install on my PS3 and use it forever. I have no clue how to play games. Do we insert the CD and Play or Install in the Hard Disk and play. Can I say that using a single PS3 CD, the game can be instaalled and played on multiple PS3`s ?

    Thanks a lot for taking time to answer !!


  10. tony Post author

    Ya, the DVD’s you make in nero should work in PS3 provided you are using the format supported by your PS3. Read the ‘NTSC/PAL issue’ section. Music cds should also work fine and so should BD. Anyway i have not yet tried any of this myself.

    Illegal PS3 games are not playable, until you ‘modify’ (you need to buy some hardware) your PS3. Search google for ‘ps3 jailbreak’ etc. And once you do this you wont be able to update your PS3 frimware, which is required when you try to play most of the new games that you buy. At this point of time its NOT a wise idea to ‘modify’ your PS3 in my opinion.

    You can borrow your friend’s game CD and play, but the CD needs to be inserted always into the PS3 for playing. Some games install part of data into hard disk but never full i think.
    Its like, you can install in multiple PS3’s but play only on the PS3 which has the game CD. I usually borrow game, play for a while and give back.
    btw PS3 games are BD and not CD.


  11. Anmol

    Hey even after reading all the comments, i just want to reconfirm!
    i bought a PS3 from the US….model no CECH-2051A 120V~2A 60Hz!
    So if i just plug it in after using a suitable plug adapter my PS3 will not get burnt?
    Also in india we use 50Hz but this says 60Hz so wouldnt that be an issue?

  12. pritam

    I have my ps3 from usa and i live here. and i often buy indian dvds when i visit india. and i can play them with out any problem on my us ps3 here in the us. indian dvds r not region locked…otherwise they wouldnt have played. so trust me…i have played indian dvds [bought em from planet m and music world..stores like that] and they play fine. In fact my panasonic blu ray player, that i bought at best buy, wouldnt play them. But my ps3 does. so it shouldn’t be a problem. And most flat screen tvs today have both ntsc and pal and secam coloring systems. So, that shouldnt be a problem either. and its an universal adapter. The only thing i cant tell you guys about is the blu ray dvds. I barely play blu ray dvds…they r too expensive to buy..[not worth it according to me…maybe one or 2 in 6 months]. Otherwise there shouldnt be any problem at all.

  13. tony Post author

    :D hi Anmol, Mine is CECH 2501A 120 V 2 A, and yes it is 60hz too. If that can work in my home perfectly on a 230v 50hz supply, we can confidently assume that the power supply is universal.

    So try at your own risk and report back :)

    Hi Pritam, thanks a lot for the comments.

  14. ogie

    Hi All,

    I have bought a PS3 slim 320GB model no. CECH-2501B from Gamestop USA and I want to know if it will work directly at 240 volts? It says only 120 volts in the manual and aslo on the PS3 console.

    Pls send me an email:

  15. ogie

    Hi Tony,

    I have bought a PS3 slim 320GB model no. CECH-2501B from Gamestop USA and I want to know if it will work directly at 240 volts? It says only 120 volts in the manual and aslo on the PS3 console.

    Pls send me an email:

  16. Rao

    Thank you for the information. This is the most informative article on the web so far. Please let me know if anybody has used CECH-2001A 120GB/GO 120V in India without a converter (at 230V)?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. tony Post author

    Hi Ogie,
    I have connected mine to the 230V without any problems. There are also numerous posts in the internet suggesting that the power supply of PS3 Slim is universal, that is usuable in both 120/230V 50/60 Hz.

    Mine is the CECH 2501A 120 V 2 A 60Hz written on the unit. I use no converter.

  18. shashank

    Dear Tony, as mentioned by others this is definitely the best article i came across. Have been searching something like this for the entire day. I was a little afraid of connecting my PS3 to the mains directly. I bought a step down converter 50wt and that dint help which i later came to know that it requires 300-500 watt converter.
    I just need to bring one thing to your notice. My friend lost his ps3 by accidentally plugging his ps3 directly into the power socket after using it for a year via the voltage converter. Thot all the reader shud know abt it and the risk associated with it.

  19. anon

    i bought my ps3 from canada and used the correct plug adaptor…the red light came on and when i pressed the on/off button , there was a green light for a second but turned red after..??
    what do you think the problem might be??

  20. gaurav

    Dear All

    I also got 2 PS3 from US one 160 GB and other 320 GB. just wanted to share some details with you all

    Both 160 and 320 GB use approximate 270 Watts .

    if the same used to be in india it is advisable to take 500 KVA step down transformer.

    Company who makes Step down transformers in India are

    MX /EATA :- These are good brands and cost your around 30$ .other local made is $ 20 (would not recomend.

    There is no point taking the risk of plugging it directly to 220 V suply as the power specification clearly mentioned it is 120 V 50 /60 Hz

    if you need any further details pls feel free to contact .


  21. Sham


    I am planing to buy a PS3, 320GB , I have an option to get this from US,
    I was told buy the Sony World Staff here in Bangalore that there the US version comes in a NTSC format and the Indian Version is in the PAL format, He was saying that the Games will not support in the US version which is available here in India.
    Please let me know if this is true or not .
    Looking forward for your reply at the earliest.
    Thank You.

  22. tony Post author

    Hi Gaurav,
    PS3 games are not region locked as far as i know. You must be able to play games purchased from anywhere in your US PS3. I was able to play games bought from India in my US PS3.

    However, you will have issue with DVD’s, monitors etc. Read through the article and comments and you will get some idea about the issues.

  23. arunabh

    im planing to buy a ps3 from us …
    but im not sure it will work with the psn in india..
    and can i be able to download updates directly in the us bought ps3 without any problems …
    in advance

  24. simran

    hi, i bought ps3 from usa and using on standard tv in india. although, no issues regarding voltage difference but graphics are very poor, even worse than ps2. my tv is samsung plano 29″ . is that due to ntsc /pal difference? if yes, any solution?
    does this exists even with HD or simple lcd tvs?

  25. tony Post author

    Hi Arunabh,
    You can update without any problem. The only thing is that it might be connecting to the PSN. Sometimes you may have problems with online gaming to work. For example, the online gaming code for my FIFA 11 didnt work initially. I had to email the Fifa support and they fixed it for me.

    Hi Simran,
    Thanks for confirming about voltage issue. I guess yours is working fine in 230V supply here. If possible give some info about your PS3 model, and year.
    Now, you might be connecting via AV and in SD. Try component cables if your TV supports it. I am not sure whether its PAL/NTSC issue, though i think it should not be as your TV is not that old.
    I feel that HD is a must for the PS3 experience. My own opinion.
    I use a simple samsung 22” lcd monitor, and have also connected a 32” samsung TV. Its too good. I never had any issues.
    Just try it at a friend who has an LCD TV.

  26. Sonam

    Hi All, My son has a PS2 bought in India. His uncle bought some games for him from the USA and they will not play. We took the PS2 to Sony and they confirmed that only games from India will play on his machine. Anything we can do to play the American games? Sonam.

  27. tony Post author

    Hi Sonam,
    PS2 can be ‘modified’ to play imported as well as pirated games downloadable from internet. This is usually done by making a modification in the PS2 hardware. There are several shops that are doing this in India.
    However, ‘mod’ing your PS2 is ILLEGAL and will VOID your warranty.

  28. Sachin

    Hi Tony,
    This article is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much for clarifying so many of my doubts.

    I have a quick question.
    You say that “[Note: If your TV has an HDMI port or a Component port this does not affect you at all]” for the PAL NTSC issues.

    So in India, if I am connected to my Indian bought TV through HDMI and I try to play a PAL system Indian DVD, will it work?


  29. Pranav

    Hey tony,
    See i have just bought this american ps3 slim 160gb and i live in bangalore. I do not have a converter and i have a Samsung LA32C350 HDTV With a hdmi cable . Is it ok for me to plug it in to the 220v power sokcet because it clearly states at the back that it is 120-140v . I do not know whether i need to but a voltage transformer 240v – 120 v 300 watss or not. Many sites i have surfed say that the ps3 have a universal power supply. So would you hepl me out and tell me whether i need one or not because i just bought it and i dont want to see it blow up in front of me so well…… reply as fast as possible.

  30. Pranav

    Please reply soon as i am in a hurry to play it and also which game would you suggest to be a must have on the ps3 ?

  31. tony Post author

    Hi Sachin,
    No the PAL DVD will not work. btw some of Indian movie makers now release NTSC DVDs, so that will work. It will be written on the DVD cover, whether NTSC or PAL.
    The statement you quoted was about the TV set issue.

    Hi Pranav,
    I understand your situation as i have been in the same shoe before.
    Well, All i can say is that a US PS3 with specifications CECH 2501A 120V 2A 60Hz works fine in 230V at my house. We have had some people comment (read the above comments) that they too had no problem. BUT we also have one comment that his friend blew up is PS3 by directly plugging.
    So its all upto you to decide at your own risk.

    About games, it depends on your taste. For me, its FIFA, then Call of Duty and NFS. I rarely play other games. My brother is a fan of MOVE and so he has some TT game.

  32. Pranav

    hey tony,
    thanks but to be safe (as i dont want to see my new ps3 in flames) what kind of converter would you suggest on buying which is not too expensive and i know my ps3 is 280watts nd bangalores voltage is 240v so can u suggest one soon as i am in a hurry to play and use it.

  33. Rahul

    Hi Tony,
    I bought a PS3 slim 320 GB from US along with a move game BD. I have a old Philips TV with component S video cable connectors in them. I bought Fifa11 and international cricket (both have PAL written at the back of the cover)in India.
    Now when I connect my PS3 to my TV and try to play these games, the game purchased from US(move game) plays well. But for Fifa11 and internation cricket I am gettin a message that my video otput settings are not correct to play this game.
    It it to do something with NTSC-PAL setting. I tried to check but my tv takes this setting automatically.

    Also if I use a HD ready TV and HDMI cable will the games work? Is there any compatibility issues with Indian bought BD games working on US bought PS3??

    Thanks in advance!!!

  34. tony Post author

    You have to use a 240 50Hz > 120V 60Hz stepdown transformer. It must also be rated atleast 300W. It will be good to buy some good quality one’s as the cheap one’s dont usually have the displayed power ratings.
    I dont know of any brands, but this comment lists a few

    As far as i know PS3 games are region free. So you should be able to play games purchased from anywhere in any PS3. I have played NFS Shift and Move games purchased from India in my US PS3. I use HDMI.
    It could be NTSC-PAL issue since you are using the component cables. I am not sure though.Try experimenting with different settings in the Video settings of PS3 first. I feel that it might be due to resolution issue. FIFA 11 runs best in 720p HD.

  35. navneet

    Hi Tony,

    Does it mean if we connect the PS3 (bought in US) using a HDMI cable to an Indian TV there wont be a problem or it will work fine even if I connect using the AV cables(RCA).

  36. tony Post author

    I feel that with the latest HD TVs out there, you should be fine when connecting with HDMI or even AV. However, you can never be sure, some people say they have had problems even so.

  37. Kulbir

    Again same question i have, i bought my PS3 from US amazon online shopping deal and my model is CECH-3001A, Slim 160GB PS3, on the back side of machine it states the voltage input 120V but I am going to use this machine in India. It would be safe to plug in 220V direct without any adapter.

    And can anyone tell me how to gets the free games, unless i did not get any store game in my PS3 from the manufacture and Can i buy the games form India? is there is a region limitation for PS3 that it would only play US gaming cd’s.

    Please reply soon, because i cant wait to play games and one more thing in the starting the machine ask for registration PS3, Can i register as India or I should have proceed with US in the select country option…..

    Thanks in advance………….

  38. tony Post author

    Hi Pranav,
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Just buy the ‘move’ controller from flipkart. 3650/-. Thats from where my brother bought.–&_r=sA24kTMbqjP5pxDYtEgx9g–

    The controller should work fine. We have a move bought from India working fine with US PS3.

    Most of your questions are answered in the post and comments. Pls read again.
    As far as registration, i dont remember what country i chose, most probably India itself.

  39. Pranav

    so even if my ps3 is not move compatible if i have a ps3 move controller move game etc.. will work??? And also now that i am permanantly in india … if i break the ps3 or something will my warranty go or can i use the warranty in india??

  40. tony Post author

    Move is like an accessory. You need the controller and the ‘eye’ camera, both included in the move bundle along with a demo game.
    Opening will void warranty. I am not sure whether US warranty holds in India. It may not.

  41. Pranav

    Sorry for so many doubts :/ but now i have this ps3 slim 160gb so if i just buy the move Controller and a ps3 eye cam i will be able to play move games?!
    And im not thinking of opening or hacking or anything just wanted to know if the us ps3 warranty can be used here.

  42. Kulbir

    tony, thanks for feedback……it sounds PS3 works on 220V that is great and thanks for your answers…..

  43. Pranav

    Well thanks so much for all the answers and one last thing … i will not be able to play any dvd or blu ray movies on the ps3 , right?

  44. Pranav

    Does anybody know if fifa 12 will be free on psn India??? And will it even come out on PlayStation store India….

  45. marco

    Good article! I use an US ps3 in Holland/Europe and I can confirm that using 230V with a power plug adapter works fine. I use hdmi connection on a flatscreen.
    The pal DVD’s seem not to work indeed … With some burned DVD’s I get the message “pal format is not supported” probably because of the missing 720-576 option in the video output menu of this NTSC ps3, or maybe this is caused by the region protection?
    Europe games working perfect so far. Locally bought 3D Blu ray also works fine… no region format problems.

  46. tony Post author

    Thanks Marco for confirming a lot of things especially the power supply.
    Yes, you are right. It must be due to the PAL (576i/p) not supported. Only NTSC DVD’s will play in that.

  47. Mark

    Hey Tony,
    Just to be sure – I have an indian 250GB slim ps3 and i want to pre order a few games from Amazon. Will they work?

  48. tony Post author

    Yes it should. You could order one initially, confirm yourself and then do a mass order :)
    btw you have to be using an HDTV (720 or 1080).

  49. tony Post author

    Some games may not.
    For example, the Fifa 11 bought from US requires 720p or 480p video output (its printed on the cover). If you have only SDTV you have to use the 480p and so you need an NTSC PS3 which supports 480i/p. Your Indian PS3 will not have 480i/p support.

  50. Mark

    I was thinking of buying assassins creed revelations, modern warfare 3 and uncharted 3. Do these games, like fifa need specific video outputs?

  51. Syed

    missed some more info above,

    I am in India now and trying to use PS3 here in India.

    I have step down transformer for 230V to 120V. The PS3 i purchased in Feb 2011 through Amazon

  52. tony Post author

    Syed, dont know exactly what the problem may be.
    But a quick google search says ‘power button’ (not HDD light) blinking yellow may be generic hardware fault, according to sony. You may have to contact service.
    Considering that your PS3 was working perfectly in US, I seriously suspect that the step down transformer may be the culprit. Is it working correctly? Does it have 300W rated power?
    Now, after you switch on your PS3 can you hear its fan blowing? If not, its clearly the power supply.

  53. Shahzeb

    Hii there….my ps3 is 4m usa n i bought a gta 4 cd 4m here india….. d disc reads ‘u cannot play this game in dis video output’…… will it work if i use a hdmi cable…plz rply

  54. aayush

    hey guys !! I wanted to confirm something about the PSN. Is PSN fully working in india with all its features like ps store?? What happens if i buy a game from US and want to its multiplayer feature?? what happens if I buy a game from india and want to use its multiplayer ? will the region thing come into play here???

  55. Lohit

    Hello Tony,

    i Have a 120GB Ps3 Slim, which my friend bought from US.
    The ps3 works fine for about 15-30 mins, after which it turns off automatically,
    no lights, if i disconnect the power and reconnect, it works for another 10 mins, but goes off again, i dont have any step down transformers, but my friend did suggest to go for it.

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

    can u also tell me where could i find a good step down transformer for the ps3.. thanx..

  56. tony Post author

    Hi Lohit,
    I suspect it is getting overheated and the system turns itself off to prevent further damage. If there is a flashing red light its 100% overheating.Check that your PS3 fans are blowing or not when using it. Keep PS3 in a well ventilated space.
    It could also because of fluctuating mains power supply.

  57. Lohit

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the reply, there is no flashing red light, just it turns off automatically, there are no lights. fan is blowing fine.. and my ps3 is well ventilated… do u knw, if i m doing anything wrong, or does it need any converter or stabilizer???

  58. Lohit

    I contacted them, they say that they dont have ps3 service in india, they would replace my product, but i would a get a new PS3 at a discounted rate. so not sure wat to do.

    the main reason might be due to the power supply, thats y i think i’ll get a 250 Watt 220v-110v converter and then try.

    i see that its getting heated quickly, so the problem, i watched a youtube video wherein the guy opens the power supply and makes a few changes to some capacitors, which fixed the ps3 ( having same issue )

    hope that fixes it.

  59. tony Post author

    hmmm.. so try out the converter and let us know the results. If that works, pls also specify the model number of your PS3. Something that begins with CECH###.

    Now, if you resort to opening and fixing your PS3, check with SONY that your warranty will not be lost in the process.

    btw, at how much discount they would give the new PS3? That would be a much needed info to many of the PS3 users here.

    Thanks and keep us informed.

  60. Lohit

    Hi Tony,

    My Ps3 is a CECH-2001A, 120GB. I called up Sony, they said they couldnt help much, and the cant proceed with the replacement until i get the bill. The Bill unfortunately is in US, and i cant get it.

    So, i just ripped the warranty seal, and opened up the ps3, saw that the power supply was heating up, so opened the power supply. Fortunately, the power supply model was the APS-250, wherein we have the two screws( POTS ) wherein you can change the potential of the supply, i turned the screws to a 10 deg turn and plugged it back, it works fine now, ran the ps3 for nearly 6 hours non stop, works like a charm.

    there was a similar video posted on youtube.

    I hope it works for people who have similar problems.

  61. tony Post author

    Wow! Thats so nice.

    Now, pls post the link of that youtube video also. It might come handy for someone else too..


  62. pasaden

    I confirm about 160GB Slim CHECH 3001A from US works fine in 220V so far.I tried it in Bulgaria an so far had no problems.

  63. dhruv

    i have a samsung 29″ SD tv. What resolution will i get if i connect ps3 to it using the bundled cable and which games i wont be able to play (games that require hd resolution)?

  64. tony Post author

    576p. It will be like 576×704 i think.
    You wont be able to play games that require HD. Check the package of the game it will be specifically written. Most of the games play in SD.
    You might also not be able to play games bought from US if your PS3 is bought from India, and viceversa.

  65. dhruv

    thnx tony. do the new games like MW 3, AC:Revelatins, and Arkham City are HD ones? I am goinf to buy a ps3 soon, and will get games rented from

  66. tony Post author

    No idea dhruv. Not an avid gamer here. :)
    Usually all games work in SD. The problem comes up when you buy games from another region.

    If you could, also invest in a HD TV or HD monitor (22” costs <10k now). PS3 without HD, you miss something (my opinion).

  67. Vasanth

    Hi All,
    I just bought sony ps3 320gb in india can i buy ps3 games from U.S.A and play in my console

  68. Praveen R

    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for this article on Power Adapter. Hope you are still using the PS3 without a converter. I’m planning to buy one from US. My question is:

    I have a home theater receiver ‘Onkyo’. I had connected my BD player and Media Player via HDMI. If I buy a PS3 from US and as it is an NTSC version, whether there will be any issues in connecting to the receiver?

    Praveen R

  69. tony Post author

    Hi vasath its all said in the article.

    Yes i still use without converter.
    I feel that there wont be any problem as you are using HDMI. I have not tried this myself and NOT an expert to comment on that.
    So make sure before you buy!


  70. Rahul

    Hi I have a Sony nx720 46 inches from USA
    Will a ps3 from India work without any problem
    ( regarding NTSC/pal , power , indian DVD / blu ray compatiblity etc )

  71. tony Post author

    Hi Rahul
    I feel there wont be any NTSC/PAL issue as you are using HDMI. But as i said in the previous comment, I have not tried this myself and NOT an expert to comment on that. Regarding your other concerns, its all said in the article.

  72. Reama

    Hi Tony,
    Thank you for this artical. I try to play DVD on my ps3 and it’s said the region code is not correct. So can I change the region code to play the DVD?? I had the movie from US

  73. Zed

    I recently got a PS3 160GB CECH-3001A (120V 1.8A 60Hz) from the US.
    Is it safe to plug it in Indian sockets (220v) without a voltage converter?
    I didn’t see any comments for this particular model being used in India.
    Help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  74. Kaushik

    Dear Tony and all. Thanks. This is very useful thread. I seem to have the same question as Zed. I brought PS3 160 GB CECH-3001A (120v, 1.8a, 60hz) from the US 3 days back. I plugged in today and was unable to turn it on. I am using the step down to bring down the power to 110v. The console shows red indicator, and when I try to turn it on, I get a beep, the green light comes on and goes off immediately. :-(. Can anyone advise what could be the problem?

  75. Kaushik

    ok… I report that my problem is solved. I was using the step down transformer with rated power of 50w (I had bought it for my Wii). After reading through all the threads, I gathered some courage and plugged in my ps3 directly, into the 230 v socket, and volla…. It started working… So, to conclude, rated power was the problem… :-) Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

    looking forward to setting it up now.

  76. Zed

    So all you used was a pin converter to plug it into Indian sockets? I was just going to get a step down voltage converter when I saw your comment. I don’t need one now?

  77. Kaushik

    yes Zed, that is correct. Just a pin converter will work. In fact, I did not use even a pin converter as the sockets that I have in my house are universal and they accept flat pins too. So, don’t worry and go ahead.

  78. Zed

    Thanks Kaushik and Tony.

    I bought a surge protector which has a universal socket and connected the PS3, said a silent prayer and switched it on. At first the red light came on. Switched on the PS3 and the green light came on. Kept it on for a minute and it was still green.
    (I used a Belkin 4-socket surge protector)

    I’m yet to connect it to the TV and check it out, I will update this thread as soon as I do. But I’m guessing that shouldn’t be a problem now that it switches on.

    My only concern now is how long can it be used; whether it will overheat and shut down or something in a 220V supply.

  79. tony Post author

    Hi Kaushik and Zed and everyone,
    Happy gaming year!
    Thanks both of you for reporting back. So we can safely conclude that PS3 160 GB CECH-3001A (120v, 1.8a, 60hz) also has a universal power supply.

    Zed i have played from morning to mid night without any overheating in the 220V supply. :-)

  80. Zed

    Yep, I played for a couple of hours today and had no problems at all.
    Thanks for all your information and links.

    Happy gaming and happy new year! :)

  81. Ankur

    Hello Kaushik, Zed, Tony and everyone

    I got my ps- cech3001a y/day from US. have the same problem Kaushik was facing.
    I will now be plugging it directly w/o a step down converter. Wish me luck.

  82. Sujith


    Tony- Thanks for the detailed explanation. This has helped me attain the 90% courage needed to plug in my US CECH 3001B model into a 220V socket iwth just the pin converter. Anyone else tried to do the same with the 3001B model?


  83. Sujith

    Bit the bullet and connected – No issues

    For info of anyone else , CECH 3001B works in India with just a pin convertor.

    No transformer required.


  84. Kaushik

    wow… It looks like India is flooded with PS3s from the US. ;-)
    Everyone did a lot of shopping during the Christmas holidays. Happy gaming to all, and a BIG THANKS to Tony for this thread. Nowhere else I could find this information at this level of details.

  85. tony Post author

    Yes kaushik, we have a lot of gamers with US PS3 :-D

    Thanks Sujith for reporting back. So CECH 3001B has a universal power supply!

  86. Bhaveshkumar Thaker

    Very nice article explaining about usage of US PS3 into India.

    I had bougt US PS3 40GB from US in Oct – 2007 and since then I am using it in India.

    But only thing I never did was to buy new game from India. Now, I was thinking of buy new games from India only rather than asking friends to bring PS3 games from US or when I went getting them by myself.

    So was looking for confirmation whether Indian purchaced games are running fine on US PS3 or not.

    Thanks for explaining.

  87. arjun

    i got a ps3 as a gift from my parents and its been a month i have’nt connected it :-(

    it is 120V~1.8A 60hz
    model no. CECH 3001B

    i have a 500watt converter, can i plug into it and use this or should i plug it to the 230v power supply or what should i do :-/

    plz help me out…

  88. viplov

    hey guys!

    first of all thanks

    i was planning to get PS3 from US as my cousin is coming down from there.. i’m have sony bravia lcd tv that i’m going to plug my PS3 into. i’ll make sure to buy a good quality adapter and a step down transformer befour plugging it in. connect it to hdmi cable . but how do i make sure that my tv supports PS3 format?

    thanks for the article it was really helpful


  89. devendra

    Hi guys…..i am from Mumbai/India – since 4 days i was searching various post/forum to know more about USA PS3 problem faced in India..but couldn’t find anywhere…but here at this page…its full of information…….i must say all u guys rock..specially tony……u are a great help !
    now since u have already helped lot of please help me too…my bro just bought a brand new PS3 160gb CECH-3001a model for me from states….i am too scared to plug directly…..i saw few comments that some have tried and were successful…..i need to be 100% sure about that the sony PS3 is built in universal power converter..or should buy a power converter 500W to be on safe side and then on my PS3….i am so tensed…..
    also iam very much new in PS3 world…so guys need guidance and safety measures….

  90. Nikhil

    Hello Everyone- here’s my story..before that thanks to Tony for setting up this blog dedicated to this topic. I was in US last week and got encouraged to buy ps3 after reading through this blog.

    Bought PS3 slim, CECH-3001A from best buy. The power rating was my primary concern but the testimonials by some on this blog helped me make a decision. To my luck when I was in best buy, playstation sales representative was also there. I posed this question ro him and he confirmed that it would work in India.

    I just got back to India and plugged my ps3 directly to power supply using a surge protector and it WORKED!! played for 30 minutes and had no issues.hope it will work continuously well and keep my son happy.

    I have a question about my hd monitor to which I connected using hdmi cable. my monitor doesn’t have speakers inbuilt.How can I then play sound while keeping the video output ro my monitor?


  91. Mohan

    Dear Tony,
    Is it possible to to copy PS3 games in its 320 GB Hard Disk from US and play in India. My 2008 model PS3 49GB BD drive is not taking the disk in side and is there any place to get it fix the problem. I appreciate your advice.

    Thank you


  92. devendra

    Nikhil wow…..that means uhave used the same model what i have here in india and it worked…..superb…that means i can too….pls adv

  93. devendra

    Also i would like to add when i spoke to sony India/technician -they warned me by saying u better use some kind of voltage converter to avoid device go boom !!! but when i see nikhil’s story..i guess i am building some courage to proceed without any converter/transformer…….man..going crazy !!! sorry guys….need assurance 200%

  94. Nikhil

    hi Devendra, me and my son have played it for an hour now running out directly on 220 power supply. I have plugged it through a surge protecting pin adapter and that’s all. I reckon that you go ahead. I may show you if there’s a way I could upload a video somehow..

    Still waiting on response for the issue I have. have connected to a monitor that had no speakers in built. how to play the sound?


  95. devendra

    Thanks Nikhil…..why are u connecting to a simple monitor..why not lcd …..or a pc system…
    monitor can only provide u video output the sound has to come from the pc system..or external speaker if u have attached to monitor…..
    this 22nd is my elder son bday and i wanna make sure he plays his first game on ps3 without any hassel…..i promised him that i will make it on……

    i am waiting for my bro to revert back from usa…as he is going to confirm with sony tech support in states and come back to me…best options…

  96. tony Post author

    Hi guys,
    Quite a lot of discussions going on. :-) .Sorry if i was a bit late.

    To you i dont have any concrete answer. You have to make the decision.

    Since you are using a monitor and not TV which does not have either a speaker or audio output pin, you have to do it like what i described in the “How to get Audio output?” section of the article.
    You have to enable, ‘Audio Multi-Out’ in the settings, so that you can get the audio signal thru the RCA output port of your PS3 and then connect it to your speaker system. If you speaker system doesn’t have an RCA input, you will have to use the RCA->Stereo 3.5mm pin converter. Check the pics above, i do use it.
    And thanks for confirming about CECH-3001A power supply woking perfectly in 220V.

    we cant copy game to Hard disk and play. For that you have to modify it (jailbreak) it illegally..
    As far as i know, Sony doesn’t repair PS3’s in India, instead they offer a new one for subsidised rates. Not sure though.
    It could be possible to replace the faulty(may be stuck) optical drive at some local place. I think you can give a try as your guarantee is over anyway!

    Happy Gaming!

  97. Nikhil

    Excellent Tony! I am so thankful to you…I will update yo once I do as you say..

    btw, another issue..may out is settings..Playing the need for speed, but the controller doesn’t vibrate when the car his hard….please advice


  98. Nikhil

    Sorry, too much typos in the previous post. Issue is that when I am playing need for speed game the controllers are not vibrating when car hits around. Is it due to some settings?


  99. devendra

    Hi Guys i am back…..its official now…SONY PS3 CECH-3001A power supply working perfectly fine in indian 220v
    Tony i agree with u …u really did not had answer for me..cause it was me to decide…cause u are right…..rthis blog helped me alot….trust me i am happy to be part of this blog/discussion….. i am using gold plated HDMI cable for AV and its working fine on FULL HD LG LD460 LCD – its amazing ….what a clarity…full 1080p resolution…..finer and sharper fonts…..amazing….also would like to add…
    BLU RAY player is “ALL” for this modeill..that meand i can play any blu ray disc from anywhere…..amazing…
    right now playing ..”KILLZONE 3″ would buy few more games…….

    Hey tony can we attached external HDD to the PS3,,,will it detect?

  100. tony Post author

    Hi Nikhil,
    No idea man, i could be some settings in the NFS itself.

    Good to know about your experience. Yeah PS3 supports external harddisks and USB drive. But you may come into problems if its is formatted as NTFS.

  101. Nikhil

    Hey no issues Tony…I found that my game doesn’t support dual shock vibration function.

    btw, I was able to play sound using the adapter you mentioned..thanks again for the great help…

    Please keep this blog running…this is of immense help to existing and would be users of PS3..


  102. devendra

    Hi tony….i guess u are right…i will change my hdd from ntfs to fat32… hope it will detect..also advise will my LG LCD wil be able to detect fat32 format…..cause it use to detect ntfs format earlier…..
    Also is it advisable to modify ps3……

  103. naveen

    A big thank you for the post.i bought ps3 CECH 2501A 120 V 2 A 60Hz from US and looking for a step down transformer and came across this website.After like couple of days of courage i powered on my PS3 without any converter and it worked like a charm.

  104. ibrahim

    hi, tony
    i got a pal ps3 in usa, so im going to buy a ps3 from here in usa, so i wanna ask what will happen if i takeout hardrive from my pal and put it inside the ntsc ps3, so will the hardrive will burn if i play games on my ntsc ps3 and the hardrive will be of pal ps3 is it any harmful to my ps3.

  105. ibrahim

    thanks man i really appreciate it and 1 more thing can i change my pal ps3 to ntsc ps3 is that possible, i really dont wanna spoil my record of taking care of it for over 4 years lol


    what if i connect the stabilizer to my ps3, will the stabilizer help my ps3 get 220 volt when i will be playing with my pal ps3 in usa.

  106. tony Post author

    No. As far as i know, you cant change PAL PS3 to NTSC version or vice versa.

    No. The stabilizer from US must be for 110V so how can it output 220V, check the back label and see the voltage specification yourself. A step up transformer will do that job.

    Btw, most probably your PS3 will be having a universal power supply and so it must be able to work in 110V without any additional device. Ofcourse there is risk in trying.

  107. Rebells

    Thanks tony for posting this up and thanks to all the ppl who have shared their inputs.

    To start with, even I was looking for a step down transformer for my ps3 which I had got it form us. Initally not paying much attention to power consumption, I connected it to a 70w 220>110 transformer. But it never worked (in fact the transformer blew up and not 1, I tried with 3 ;) ). Then I came across this blog and after going through it and the wiki, I thought of giving it a try and it did work. Yep, NO step down transformer is required for ps3. It works on 220v supply.

    I still have a different question though (some one might have already posted it above, but I did not had patients to go through all the posts) :
    We do have frequent power failures at our place, especially in monsoon.
    I do have an inverter and also have a stabilizer. Stabilizer is not connected to the inverter. My led is connected via stabilizer. What would be the best way to connect my ps3?

    Shall I connect it to a stabilizer? This will protect it from fluctuations. But in case of power failure it will still be a abnormal shutdown, in which case there are chances of HDD failure (i think so) OR if there are some updates in progress then something might get corrupt.

    Or Shill i connect it to the inverter? In this case I am not sure if sin wave/ square wave stuff would cause a problem. Also in case of power failure as my led wont be ON, there wont be a display available. So, how can i safely turn off my ps3?

    Or the best way is to connect the stabilizer to inverter and then connect both the device through stabilizer? Am not sure if inverter will able to take this additional load (along with existing devices that are connected to it)

    Using a UPS is the very last option that i am thinking of.

  108. Marcelle

    Hi, thanks for writing this article. I’m from Brazil and I’ve just arrived from Uruguay. I bought a PS3 cech-3001 in there. Then, I plugged the ac power cord, but it started to emit some strange noises.. I got worried and unplugged it.
    After some research, I found that my PS3 voltage was 120v (at least, that’s what is written on the box), and my house’s voltage is 220v. Now that I’ve read your article, I’m wondering if these stranges noises occuried because of the voltage, or if there’s another reason for it. I’m really afraid to plug it again, since I’ve already unboxed the PS3 and I don’t know if the guys in Uruguay would accept to exchange my PS3 for a ‘truly’ bivolt one…
    Do you think I should buy a transformer? Should I try plugging it again, in a different plug? I’m really afraid to damage the PS3, because it took me a lot of time to save money for buying it.
    Thanks, buddy.

  109. tony Post author

    Hi Rebells,
    Sorry for the late reply, i missed your question.

    Connecting the PS3 to the inverter or stabilizer will cause abnoraml shutdowns. The minute delay caused by inverter will reset PS3.

    In my opinion the best option will be to go for a UPS. It costs less, sine wave, and will give ample time to close the game and shut down your PS3 properly.
    Thats how i’ve connected, both monitor and PS3 to the UPS so that my game doesnt get interrupted in case of a powerfailure.. :-D

    Happy gaming!

  110. tony Post author

    Hi Marcelle,
    Uruguay uses a 220-230V system. Thats what i see in wikipedia. So how come you get a 120V PS3 from there?
    So, if that 120V PS3 was to work in Uruguay it should work in Brazil too.

    If you read the above comments, we have two users who have had CECH 3001 working in 220V. Other than that, I dont have any idea whether yours will work or not.

    If you decide to connect it directly, make sure that the neutral, line and earth are connected properly, as both the countries might be using different plugs.


  111. aditya

    Dear Tony, Friends,

    Wanted to check on current status. Planning to get a PS3 from US. Not sure on the following questions… Kindly advise:

    1. 160 GB or 320 GB?
    2. Availability of games on Blue ray DVD or hard disk/downloads…
    3. Whether Indian DVDs will run on the PS3 player
    4. What is the concept of unmodded player??
    5. If I remove the jailbreak, will be warranty continue?

    Kindly advise…


  112. Jana

    Hi everyone, I have a PS3 320GB, CECH-2501B 120V~2 60 HZ bought in USA in 2010 and I live in Brazil where the voltage is 220V. My question is, seeing all the questions and answers above, should I be able to use my PS3 in Brazil without having to buy a transformer, stabilizer or its safer to buy one of those?
    Thanks a lot and congrats for the article.

  113. Dhaval

    Hi All,

    I had a PS3 Slim 160 GB (CECH-3001A) bought from US in December 2011. I was using that in India with a step down transformer of 250W. ( PS3 manual says it’s approximate power consumption is 200W).
    It was running fine for about an year.

    One (not so) fine morning, I was not able to turn on the console. When I turn on the power, there’s no sign of life on the box, i.e. no LED glowing (No YLOD, No flashing Red).

    I called sony support in India, and unfortunately they told me that there are no repairs done on PS3 , they can only replace. As my unit was bought from US, they might be able to replace the unit at a charge of full price :(

    Does any one know any workarounds or if there’s anyone who can repair this in Bangalore?

  114. Dr.Sanjitt

    I Just got my PS3 160GB(CECH-3001A) from USA, I live in Hyderabad,India.
    I want to plug it onto the board,but a bit careful about that…
    What do u say?
    How to connect to the PSN? and register it?

  115. mahes


    i recently reseted my ps3 display which i brought from US , by holding down the power button for 6 seconds

    so the display got switched to default composite cable output. (yellow wire)

    after this i am trying to change it to HDMI using the setting options .
    but whenever i change to HDMI the screen goes black and after 30 seconds it restores to the composite cable output.

    What could be the problem is the HDMI cable not getting detected ?

    any suggestions to get it work.

  116. tony Post author

    Hi Mahes,

    Are you using two display divices or just on to the same TV using both composite and HDMI cable?

    I think during those black screen 30 seconds, your PS3 is actually outputting in HD(1080p). During that time you will have to switch to your 1080p display device and “Save settings”. Or else the settings are reverted back to SD.

    You could aslo remove the composite cable and connect only HDMI cable (make sure your TV is set to HDMI input), and then switch on your PS3 and press power button for 5-6 seconds, so that your PS3 automaticallly detects the HD TV.

    If none of this works, i dont know, perhaps your cable might be faulty.


  117. mahes

    i tried using one device . (Viewsonic TV ) it had both AV and HDMI input.

    anyway i will try removing the Composite cable and connect only HDMI after i change the setting to HDMI

    And for the cable fault i checked another PS3 device with the same TV and it was able to detect the HDMI output.

    ACTUALLY ,i was planning to get a new LG tv , (previous i was using a Samsung monitor with HDMI to DVI convertor) , i have put that to hold , since i am not able to get this display output back to HDMI.

    i heard that a handshake will happen between the HDMI devices before switching output , is that what is not happening in my case . so will a cable change help me . if yes any suggestion for a good HDMI cable ?

    Also i went to Sony customer care in bangalore and the genius said since INDIAN TV’s are all PAL it wont detect HDMI from a US ps3. :( is this true ??? , as per ur article HDMI is universal and should work across countries ..

  118. tony Post author

    Since the cable worked for another PS3, it should not be a cable issue.

    I hope you tried switching the input mode of your TV to HDMI when the screen goes blank. And it still doenst work, right?

    I suggest one more thing, after selecting HDMI you are allowed to choose resolutions. Only select 1080p/i and 720p/i. Uncheck 480i/p.

    As far as i know, HDMI works every where.

    Please let us know if you find a solution!


  119. Sameer

    I just received a PS3 Super Slim 250 GB (New Oct 2012 model) from US.
    It also reads 120 Volts as power input.
    From what I read hear PS3 slim was compatible with both 120 and 240 volts, does the same hold true for ps3 super slim also, please respond, I have this new super slim model and i haven’t plugged it in yet for three days:(

  120. Arun


    I just used my PS3 brought from US in INDIA without any voltage converter!
    Model no: CECH 2501A 120 V 2 A 60Hz
    Works fine, been playing the entire day with MOVE too.
    So don’t worry guys, connect it without any worries.


  121. ankit


    My friend just bought the new ps3 superslim 250gb bundle from usa(amazon) for me.

    I read all the posts and your article. Its great.

    My few doubts, can u please comment on the power issue for the super slim models.

    1 – will ps3 ss work fine without a stepdown transformer

    2 – will i able to play games/bds bought from india (if they are not region coded)

    3- conneting ps3 via hdmi-dvi cable to samsung monitor bw2223

    please respond soon

    Thank you


  122. ankit


    I checked on ifixit and they say that the power supply unit on ps3 super slim and (wait for it) slim models are the same and are designed for 120/240 volts, can be used world wide.

    But my concern is that what if games start getting region encoded ?

    *Typo – my monitor is samsung b2230, any comments ?

    request – please keep this blog alive. This is the best one and realy informative.

  123. tony Post author

    Ankit, I use the same monitor, and its written in the article.

    Only sony knows if they will start region encoding the games. You said your friend has already bought the PS3, so there is not much that you can do now, so stop worrying about future and start playing!

    Other than what is written in the article, i dont have any specific replies to your queries.

    Thanks man and happy gaming!


  124. Suro

    Sameer …. Did you try the PS3 super slim with 240 V supply without any converter ?

    I just got one yesterday and now trying to see if someone has successfully tried the super slim with Indian power supply …

    Please comment if you have been successful … cheers!!


  125. Suro


    I tried plugging the US super slim to India 240V supply directly ….. and Bingo … it worked!!

    So others who are worried …. stop worrying and forget the transformer …..


  126. santhosh

    Thanks for dis site………
    I brought a PS3 160 (CECH 3001A)
    Works perfectly on connecting to my plug..
    No need to use any step down transformer…

  127. Suro


    Has anybody done Software upgrades on PS3 bought from US ? I heard stories of issues while doing software upgrades on US PS3s … though it sounds very illogical to me.

    Any feedback would be good.


  128. Ankit

    Dear tony,

    Few days back i had received my ps3 slim move 320 gb as a gift from relatives who were staying in us. The model no is CECH-3001B ~ 1.8A 60hz … I have not plugged it till now in our indian power socket .. Read the threads above but still feeling very tensed.. Should I go for a converter or plug it straight into the socket..


  129. Murali

    Hi Tony,

    I have a PS3 with CECH-3001B ~ 1.8A 60hz. Please let me know do I need a converter or plug it directly.


  130. Roy

    I bought a PS3 500GB in the US this month. It said 120V on the power socket. Encouraged by the response on this page, I connected mine to 220V directly in India. So far it is working. I am going through the installation process right now.

    BTW, my neighbour has been using a US PS3 (120 V) in the Indian electrical socket directly (220V) for the last 2 yrs.

    Hope this helps.

  131. Affan

    I bought a ps3 super slim from usa. My model number is cech-4001c n its 500 gb.its the god of war legacy bundle. It is written 120 volts. So can i be able to play it when i bring it in india. I am just too worried about this

  132. Dr. Sumit Gupta

    Hii Tony
    I am going to get ps3 250 gb from us.

    My only concern is whether it will work in india or not.
    Secondly is it worth purchasing from us or should I buy from india.

    Plz reply as I m going to order in a day or two.

  133. tony Post author

    Hopefully it will work.
    There may be a 5K difference when buying from US. Other than that there is not much advantages. On the downside you will have issues discussed in this page, though they can be sorted out.

    If you intend to use it only in India, i would suggest buying one from India.

  134. Sarandheer

    I am thinking of buying ps3 from USA and play it in India. I know the games will work but not sure about the Blue rays Movies. Does Bluerays disc purchased in India work with my USA ps3 , it not , then do i have to order movies online from usa.

    Thank You

  135. Vivek Revi

    Even after reading it completely, I couldn’t gut up and plug in directly, lolz.

    Bought it from the black friday deal, CECH-4201B. It needs 120V AC 190W 60Hz 1.6A, so made a transformer based converter with stabilizer and all which has 2A output and it converts to whatever it has to get work well and played for 4hrs, The Last of Us, not bad and worked well. Didn’t heat up that much.

    PSN is the confusing thing so far am encountering.
    Connected online and it directly went to Indian PS Store, so my doubt is, if I buy a US PSN Card, say for 20$, would I be able to redeem it in India? From where should I get Indian PSN Cards? How does these work basically !!

    I don’t have a credit card, so I would like to use some PSN Cards, but I bought PS3 from US, so what is the procedure for it, to add some funds into my PSN wallet???

  136. Vipin

    Thanks a lot for the thread ! I just plugged my PS3 directly to 240 volt and it worked fine … I had it connected to step down for 3 weeks , however it was making humming sound , that was bothering me. Model 2501A , 120 volt , 60 hertz.

  137. Pranav

    Hey there! Can we play online games with indian ps3’s by creating an account in us?
    And is 12GB sufficient?Some said that they ran out of the capacity.
    Is there any guarantee in India when bought from the USA.

  138. tony Post author

    Yes, if i am right, we need to use a US address while registering for a PSN for a US PS3.
    12 GB is mostly NOT sufficient. I right now, use a 12GB slim one, but I only play Fifa and COD occasionally. No other games. If you are technically good, you can install a laptop hard disk into a PS3.
    NO, there is no guarantee as far as i know. :-(

  139. Siva

    Hi Tonny :),

    I am from Bangalore, ordered a PS3 from US through my friend today!

    Model : PS3 CECH-4301C Super Slim 500GB Console

    Worried if this specific model can be used directly in our AC power!? Or should i need to go for any Step down transformers?

    Does anyone tried using the same Model (CECH-4301C Super Slim) with normal AC power here in India? I didn’t see anyone mentioned this model number throughout the discussion and i am so concerned about that! :(

    Thanks in advance!

  140. shehroze ahmed

    I have PS3 slim CECH 3001B and i directly plugged it into 220V rite after reading your answer,but after few minutes colour scheme started to fade,and i switched off my PS3,what do i do now,please help!

  141. Mrinal

    Hey guys,

    Alright so I’ve two questions.

    1. I blew up my fat PS3 that I bought from the US and reading about it seems like I blew the motherboard. Any suggestion where can I get it repaired in Mumbai

    2. In regards to this article my problem is other way around. I have a US TV that I brought back with me and borrowed a friends PS3 which is bought here in India. Even after connecting it via HDMI all I get is green screen. Please suggest any way around it


  142. tony Post author

    As far as i know Sony India does not repair PS3s in india. Anyway pls do contact them and see.

    For the TV, it must be the NTSC/PAL frame rate issue for HDTVs that i described in the article. Or it could be due to HDCP (content DRM protection) error.
    Try connecting using component cables or even composite cables.
    If it still dont work, u might need a converter like this.

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