33dots.com moved to a new host

Finally this site is moved(hosting and registration) from Yahoo! to DreamHost.
A quick summary of the steps.

1. BackUps!
Yahoo doesn’t allow shell. So painstakingly downloaded the all the required contents to my local system using gFTP. This took about 1hr :(
Exported all the essential MySQL databases via phpMyAdmin

2. Unlocked the domain and copied the authorization code, which is required for the domain transfer.

3. Initiated a domain transfer form the DreamHost (DH) control panel.
You will be sent an email to the ID provided in your registration information to confirm the transfer. Confirmed it.

4.Set up web hosting for this domain at DH.
DH allows you to setup any number of websites to host under a single account.

5. Uploaded all the content to DH
Initially tried command,

[tony@localhost ~]$ scp -r 33dots/dump/ username@jaguars.dreamhost.com:work/

but got bored seeing individual files being transferred slowly.


[tony@localhost ~]$ tar -czpf 33dots.tar.gz 33dots/dump/
[tony@localhost ~]$ scp 33dots.tar.gz username@jaguars.dreamhost.com:work/

I had to use host as jaguars.dreamhost.com because i have still not pointed my 33dots.com DNS entries to DH.

sshed to DH. and,

[tony@localhost ~]$ ssh username@jaguars.dreamhost.com
username@jaguars.dreamhost.com's password:
[jaguars]$ tar -xzpf 33dots.tar.gz
[jaguars]$ mv 33dots/dump/* ../33dots.com

6. Setup databases at DH
Created a new hostname and user for mysql.
Created the databases
Imported the .sqls via phpMyAdmin

7. Setup a dreamhosters.com account to test things.
I want to test everything is fine before doing the DNS changes. DH allows you to access your hosted sites, by creating a temporary subdomain like 33dots.dreamhosters.com. This allows you to access and test your site, which is otherwise inaccessible, until you point your DNS to DH.

Yes, everything seems fine. Ofcourse! absolute links are not working..
Deactivated the dreamhosters.com subdomain.

8. Setup Gmail for mail
I’ll be using gmail for the mail once the transfer is complete.
Went to http://www.google.com/a/cpanel/domain/new and setup the account. Yes, it wont be working until i change the MX records to point to google.

9. Changed my DNS entries at Yahoo(the registration transfer has not yet over, it will take 7-10 days) to point to DH.
Unsuccessful! an error is shown by yahoo. Perhaps,  since the transfer process is in progress, yahoo cant change the DNS now. Anyway no problems, i have the working version of the site still at yahoo and now also at DH. The email is also working, only thing is it is with yahoo.

10. Transfer process over!
I got mail from DH that the transfer is complete (5th day).

[tony@localhost ~]$ whois 33dots.com
Status: ok
[tony@localhost ~]$ nslookup 33dots.com
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   33dots.com
[tony@localhost ~]$ host domain name pointer apache2-emu.jaguars.dreamhost.com.

Mail is working fine from Gmail. The website too seems ok.
Now that the transfer is complete and the website is working fine, i deleted all the files and databases at yahoo and canceled the account!

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